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The journey of Catwa.lk began in the early months of 2023, a simple idea brought to life by Mahen Samaranayake, who also leads Noimos (Pvt) Ltd. Mahen, like many of us, saw the potential for a platform that could offer something different in the modeling world. With a shared vision and collective effort, Catwa.lk was born.

Our platform is a reflection of a community-driven approach, where every model, client, and collaborator plays a pivotal role. While we’re proud of our beginnings, we believe that the true strength of Catwa.lk lies in the diverse talents and stories that each member brings to the table. Together, we’re crafting a narrative that celebrates the essence of modeling in its purest form.

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Providing Best Talent Solution

Diverse Talent Pool

A curated selection showcasing models from varied backgrounds and experiences, celebrating uniqueness.

Client-Centric Approach

We offer tailored solutions, ensuring each brand's vision is realized with precision and creativity.

Innovative Platform

Our platform combines cutting-edge technology with modeling expertise, offering a seamless experience.

Ethical Standards

We operate with a strong commitment to fairness, respect, and transparency, ensuring trust in every interaction.

Collaborative Spirit

At Catwa.lk, we believe in fostering long-term partnerships, moving beyond mere transactions to build lasting relationships.

Industry Expertise

Our team leverages deep insights and extensive experience, ensuring optimal results in every collaboration.

Casting Manager

Hello, beautiful and extraordinary talents!

At Catwa.lk, we recognize the power of a moment captured perfectly on camera. Our platform is dedicated to connecting our exceptional models with clients for commercial shoots. Every frame, every expression, and every pose you deliver plays a pivotal role in bringing a brand’s vision to life.

Your unique look and professional approach are what make our collaborations successful and memorable. We’re committed to ensuring that each assignment is a testament to your dedication and our client’s vision. Whether you’re stepping in front of the camera for the first time or have been the face of numerous campaigns, we value your contribution and look forward to creating magic together.

Mahen Samaranayake